You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.John Bunyan

Crib of Hope is a national charity Non-government organization working with former juveniles in Uganda by resettling them and ensuring their reintegration with their families and communities. We restore hope in the lives of juveniles by inspiring them to realize and develop their potential irrespective of their race, tribe, or religion and treating each child as a unique person with dignity and rights. With 55 percent of Uganda’s population aged below 18 years, we believe that improving the plight of children is an indispensable aspect in preparing a responsible, nationalistic and productive future generation

crib of hope


 We strive to improve the lives of young mothers through equipping them with skills in financial management and managing micro enterprises, providing them with seeds and innovative skills in farming and access to market.

Shrink is often used inoffensively, even by psychiatric patients or by psychiatrists themselves