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Crib of Hope believes that children are agents of change and thus can contribute to sustainability of their families through participating in decision making, supporting livelihoods with skills attained and care for other children in the event of family crisis. We therefore focus on the spiritual strengthening of Juvenile children

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We offer counselling to the Children.Counselling lets the children talk about how they feel, separate from school and home life and we can help them get back to enjoying life. Talking things over with someone, listening to their problems, helping to find solutions and supporting them through the bad times, is what

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Help Parent, Help Child Project

Improving the conditions of children require concerted efforts by different stakeholders including: government, communities, families, schools, religious Institutions and civil society, among others but mostly importantly, the role played by parents is indispensable. Our efforts are geared towards supporting and strengthening family income base because studies show that poverty produces

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